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Exciting 2014 LSS Season Revealed!

Exciting 2014 LSS Season Revealed!


Kilgore TX (1/3/14) by DarinShort.com. Coming off an exciting 2013 season that saw over 300 drivers competing in the three LoneStar Speedway (LSS) points divisions, today, the 2014 racing season preview is available for fans and teams alike.

The speedway also boasts one of the best paying purses and driver point funds in the region. There are 12 weekends of points races scheduled in 2014, and once again, drivers will be competing for a minimum of a $10,000 point’s fund. In 2013, a total of $13,000 cash was paid out in the driver’s award banquet for the three LoneStar points divisions, which are Modified, Factory Stocks and Limited Modifieds.

Unless otherwise noted, the following purse breakdown will be in effect for the three LSS points divisions on 2014:

Modifieds: $1,000- 500- 400- 300- 200- 180- 160- 140- 120- 100…through 20th. Any NQ’s will receive $50.

Limited Modifieds: $500- 250- 200- 160- 140- 120- 100- 80- 60…through 20th. Any NQ’s will receive $30.

Factory Stocks: $300- 200- 180- 160- 140- 120- 100- 80- 60- 40…through 20th. Any NQ’s will receive $20.

Online driver registration is now open. To register your Modified, Factory Stock or Limited Modified for the 2014 racing season at LoneStar Speedway, please click www.darinshort.com/lss.html and complete the payment form.

The $30 registration fee buys your car number for the season and the money goes into the $10,000+ drivers point fund that gets distributed at the end of the season.

Car numbers from 2013 will be reserved through the March 16th practice day. You can register your car at that time too. The top registered Beginner Factory Stocks will receive jackets at the awards banquet, but not point fund money (as was the case in 2013).

There are no proposed rules changes to any of the LSS point’s divisions at this time.

The 2014 racing season is highlighted by several special events, including:
- March 28th World of Outlaws Late Model Series (reserved section tickets go on sale 1/30/14)
- SUPR Late Model Series on May 25th, July 5th, August 30th and November 29th.
- 2nd Annual $10,000 to win Armadillo Nationals September 25th-27th.
- 2nd Annual Summer Sizzler for Modifieds, Factory Stocks and Limited Modifieds, July 26th.
- The Sprint Cars will return to the LoneStar high banks on Saturday October 11th. (Details TBA)

Here is the preliminary 2014 LoneStar Speedway schedule – and note that there are several special attractions that will be added along the way. Check the track website or Facebook pages for the latest updates:

3/16/14 (SUNDAY) OPEN PRACTICE DAY & Registration, Any and all cars are welcome (Noon-4pm, $15/person pit passes)

3/23/14 (SUNDAY) OPEN PRACTICE DAY & Registration, Any and all cars are welcome (Noon-4pm, $15/person pit passes)

3/28/14 (FRIDAY) 4th Annual $10,000 to win “HIGH BANKS HAVOC” for World of Outlaws Model Series. Championship Points Night, Round 1: $1,200 to win Modifieds; plus $600 to win Limited Modifieds & $400 to win Factory Stocks (6PM START TIME, $25 GA, $5 Kids, Pits $35). Reserved section tickets go on sale 1/30/14.

4/12/14 Championship Points Night, Round 2: $1,000 to win Modifieds; plus Limited Modifieds & Factory Stocks (7PM START TIME, $12 GA, $5 Kids, Pits $30), plus Beginner Factory Stocks!

4/26/14 Championship Points Night, Round 3: $1,000 to win Modifieds; plus Limited Modifieds & Factory Stocks (7PM START TIME, $12 GA, $5 Kids, Pits $30) Special attraction TBA.

5/3/14 Championship Points Night, Round 4: $1,000 to win Modifieds; plus Limited Modifieds & Factory Stocks (7PM START TIME, $12 GA, $5 Kids, Pits $30). Plus Beginner Factory Stocks!

5/25/14 (SUNDAY) 5th Annual “MEMORIAL DAY 50” SUPR LATE MODEL SERIES. Plus Championship Points Night, Round 5: $1,000 to win Modifieds; plus Limited Modifieds & Factory Stocks (7PM – Last race before ‘summer hours’ begins, $17 GA, $5 Kids, Pits $30).

6/14/14 Championship Points Night, Round 6: $1,000 to win Modifieds; plus Limited Modifieds & Factory Stocks (8PM START TIME, $12 GA, $5 Kids, Pits $30). Plus Beginner Factory Stocks!

6/28/14 Championship Points Night, Round 7: $1,000 to win Modifieds; plus Limited Modifieds & Factory Stocks (8PM START TIME, $12 GA, $5 Kids, Pits $30) Plus Beginner Factory Stocks!

7/5/14 5th Annual FIRECRACKER SPECTACULAR, SUPR LATE MODEL SERIES, Plus Championship Points Night, Round 8: $1,000 to win Modifieds; plus Limited Modifieds & Factory Stocks (8PM, $17 GA, $5 Kids, Pits $30)

7/26/14 2nd Annual LoneStar SUMMER SIZZLER! Championship Points Night, Round 9: $1,200 to win Modifieds, $700/win Limited Modifieds! $400/win Factory Stocks! Plus Beginner FS (8PM, $12 GA!, $30 pits)

8/16/14 CARLOAD NIGHT & “BACK TO SCHOOL BASH” Championship Points Night, Round 10: $1,000 to win Modifieds; Plus Limited Modifieds, Factory Stocks & Beginner FS (8PM, $10/CARLOAD Grandstand, $30 pits)

8/30/14 5th Annual “LABOR DAY 40” for SUPR LATE MODEL SERIES. Plus Championship Points Night, Round 11: $1,000 to win Modifieds; Plus Limited Modifieds & Factory Stocks (Final ‘Summer Hours’ Start Time: 8PM, $17 GA, $5 Kids, Pits $30)

9/13/14 MONSTER TRUCK NATIONALS (Details TBA, 7PM Start Time)

9/25/14 ARMADILLO NATIONALS, NIGHT 1! $10,000 to win MODIFIEDS! $3,000 to win LTD MODS! $2,000 to win FACTORY STOCKS! Adults $12, Youth ages 6-11 $5. Pits $30; 7pm. Armadillo weekend is the final championship points weekend of the season. All LSS drivers will receive 25 show-up points for weekend.

9/26/14 ARMADILLO NATIONALS, NIGHT 2! $10,000 to win MODIFIEDS! $3,000 to win LTD MODS! $2,000 to win FACTORY STOCKS! Adults $12, Youth ages 6-11 $5. Pits $30; 7pm.

9/27/14 2nd Annual ARMADILLO NATIONALS FINALE NIGHT! $10,000 to win MODIFIEDS! $3,000 to win LTD MODS! $2,000 to win FACTORY STOCKS! Adults $17, Youth ages 6-11 $5. Pits $35; 7pm. Details TBA.

10/11/14 Sprint Car & Factory Stock Special (Details, TBA).


DATE TBA: 2014 LSS Awards Bash & $10,000+ Points Fund Distribution. Point’s division drivers (Mod, Ltd and FS) must compete in 70% of completed LSS point’s events to be eligible for prize money and awards.

12/13/2014 LoneStar Speedway Annual Holiday Food Drive, 10AM-3PM. Bring food donations to LoneStar ticket office. Details TBA.

A printable schedule is also available at the track website. Click www.LoneStarSpeedway.com then click the ‘schedule’ tab. There you will find a ‘print’ button for output.

Thank you to all of the fans, sponsors and race teams for their fantastic support of LoneStar Speedway, which enables the speedway to continue progress, as well as the racing divisions, into the future.

12/14: Help LoneStar Help Area Senior Citizens!

12/14: Help LoneStar Help Area Senior Citizens!



12/14 2pm update: Here is the link to the winners from today's WoOLMS ticket drawing:


And the turnout for donations was so big, LSS added 8 more winners that each receive a ticket to the WoOLMS event at LSS on 3/28/14....those names are posted at the link above as well.

Thanks for the tremendous support, as it will help put a smile on the race of many area senior citizens!

...continue reading for previously announced info:

This Saturday, 12/14, from 10AM-4PM, please take a moment to bring a donation of canned goods and unused (new) toiletries to the LoneStar Office (ticket booth).

We will be assembling the donated items into baskets and distributing them to senior citizens in the Gregg County who are less fortunate.

Please help us to make the Holiday season a little brighter for those in need, this Saturday, December 14th, by dropping off your canned goods/toiletries donation – any size donation is much appreciated!

To get to LoneStar Speedway, take I-20 exit 583 north to the stoplight (1/2 mile), then head east about 1 mile. The track is on the right side, and the office (ticket booth) is located behind the main grandstand entrance.


When you drop off your canned food and/or toiletries donation at LoneStar Speedway this Saturday, your name will be entered into a drawing at the end of the day.

We will draw out FIVE names - and each of them will receive TWO GRANDSTAND TICKETS to the MARCH 28, 2014 WORLD OF OUTLAWS LATE MODEL SERIES event at LONESTAR SPEEDWAY, courtesy of LoneStar Speedway!

The prize winners will be announced at LoneStar Speedway's Facebook page.

$13,000 LoneStar Awards Bash! Sunday, Dec. 1

$13,000 LoneStar Awards Bash! Sunday, Dec. 1


$13,000 LoneStar Speedway Awards Bash, Sunday, Dec. 1 ***EVERYONE WELCOME - TICKETS JUST $10!!! **

Kilgore, TX (11/25/13) by DarinShort.com. Sunday, December 1st at 1pm, LoneStar Speedway (LSS) drivers, crews, families, fans and track workers will gather at the speedway to celebrate and commemorate the 2013 LSS racing season with its annual Awards Bash and point’s fund distribution.

A whopping $13,000 in cash, plus a variety of other items from track sponsors DAY Motorsports and Smiley’s Racing Products and LSS will be awarded to drivers that supported the speedway throughout the 2013 racing season.

There were 12 points races scheduled in 2013, and all 12 events were completed. There was only one weather-delayed event, and that was the finale of the Armadillo Nationals, which concluded on November 2nd.

As in years’ past, there was no association fee or sanctioning fees that LSS drivers had to pay to be eligible for the point fund money. Drivers simply registered their cars and competed in at least 70% of the LSS events that were completed to be eligible.

The LSS Awards Bash will take place on the heels of this Saturday’s $33,000 Turkey Nationals, which features $5,000 to win and $600 to start for the SUPR Topless Late Models. All three LoneStar points divisions will be racing – however this is not a point’s race. Click www.LoneStarSpeedway.com for complete event details. Action kicks off at 2pm.

Here are the specifics of the LSS Awards Bash being held in the main grandstand area at LSS:

- Grandstand entrance/ticket sales open at 12:45pm, Sunday December 1st

- Food served from 1pm-2:30pm

- Awards distribution from 1:30pm-2:30pm

- Each driver in the top 10 in points (listed below) receives free admittance, plus each of those drivers receive 3 free tickets to the event (to give out to their crew or family members)

- This event is open to all. Purchase tickets upon your arrival. All ages are just $10 each

- Your admittance includes a Steak Dinner, along with sides.

- We are requesting desserts be brought by those individuals who enjoy baking.

- Beverages (for all age groups…hint, hint) are compliments of track owners Lisa and Sam Hafertepe

- Event concludes at 3pm

- The current weather forecast is showing afternoon temperatures in the low 60’s.

Here are the top 10 drivers in each of the three LSS points divisions, along with the cash awards they will be receiving:


$1,000 Jason Ingalls; Point Champion
$800 Dennie Gieber, 2nd place
$750 Scotty Hushelpeck, 3rd place
$650 Darrell Johns, 4th place
$550 Justin Romine, 5th place
$500 Larry Fears, 6th place
$450 Jeff Harris, 7th place
$400 Greg Penney, 8th place
$350 T. Ray Burkett, 9th place
$300 Justin Ingalls, 10th place


$750 Dennie Gieber, Point Champion
$600 Darryl Moseley, 2nd place
$500 Scotty Nichols, 3rd place
$450 Robert Taylor, 4th place
$400 Billy Joe Brutchin, 5th place
$325 Barry Hornbeck, 6th place
$300 Royce Jones, 7th place
$275 Corey Tutt, 8th place
$250 Nathan Gaines, 9th place
$200 Bud Reed, 10th place


$500 Donny McBride, Jr., Point Champion
$450 Alan Lindow, 2nd place
$400 Kenneth Chamberlain, 3rd place
$350 Danny James, 4th place
$325 Cody Brantley, 5th place
$300 Todd Green, 6th place
$275 Chaffin Smith, 7th place
$250 Donny McBride, 8th place
$200 DeWayne Pace, 9th place
$150 Anthony Bonafanti, 10th place

Thank you to all the drivers, fans, crews and track workers for their tremendous support in 2013. If you’re a race team that is looking for a track that rewards you for your support, yet gives you some weekends off to do other things with the family, choose LoneStar Speedway in 2014!

The 2014 season will kick off with the $10,000 to win World of Outlaws Late Model Series (plus LSS points divisions) on Friday, March 28th. The track schedule will be coming out in the next month or so.

We hope to see you all this Saturday for the final event of the 2013 season with the running of the $33,000 Turkey Nationals, and on Sunday as we salute our champions at the LSS Awards Bash!

IT'S RACE DAY! $33,000 TURKEY NATIONALS 2pm, 11/30

IT'S RACE DAY! $33,000 TURKEY NATIONALS 2pm, 11/30


Kilgore TX by DarinShort.com. The final SUPR Late Model Series event of 2013 will be the biggest paying event of the season when the LoneStar Turkey Nationals hits the high banks of LoneStar Speedway Saturday, November 30th. The feature race is 40 laps in distance and pays $5,000 to win and $600 to start.

As in 2012, the SUPR Late Model Series cars will race topless. So race fans will get a clear view of the drivers as they wheel their cars around the wide, high-banked .33 mile oval.

The event is sponsored in part by P&W Sales located in Kilgore, Texas. P&W has been supplying drilling and oilfield products to the industry for over 49 years. P&W is also a proud sponsor of Late Model standout Morgan Bagley.

Fans can expect another large field of Late Model division drivers and several ‘invaders’ can be expected from throughout the region, including 2012 LoneStar SUPR Turkey Nationals winner Rob Litton; plus Kevin Sitton, Jim Bryant, Robbie Starnes, Shane Hebert, Robbie Stuart, Zach McMillan, Mikey Kyle, Brandon Hightower, Jeff Chandler, Tyler Erb – and many, many more. Other than the Late Model drivers required to being topless, all SUPR rules and formats will be in effect.

In addition to the SUPR Late Model Series, a complete program of Modified (paying $1,200 to win), Limited Modified ($750 to win) and Factory Stocks ($500 to win) will compete.

There is no entry fee in the Modified, Limited Modified and Factory Stock divisions. The starting field has been expanded to 24 cars in each of these divisions. Complete purse breakdown for all divisions and rules are located at the track website.

Special “Twilight” start times are in effect for this event, so fans and teams can have a great day of racing at the track, while leaving at an early time. With hot laps scheduled for 2pm and racing to follow, we expect the races to be finished around 8pm.

Here are some quick facts for the event:

-“Twilight Start Times” are in effect: Pits open at 11am, Grandstands open at 1pm, Hot Laps at 2pm, with Racing to follow immediately. The draw-in for race teams closes at 1:15pm

-General Admission $17 (ages 12-64; tickets available at the gate on race day only)

-Kids (ages 6-11) just $5

-Ages 5 and under admitted free with adult admission

-Active Military (with I.D.) or Senior’s (Ages 65+) General Admission $15

-Upgrade any ticket to the Reserved Section (bucket seats) for $5 per person

-If you purchase tickets with MasterCard or Visa, there is a $1/ticket processing fee

-All Pit Passes $35

-No outside food/drink coolers are allowed inside, a full selection of economically priced food concessions, including beer, are available.

-Event flyer link: www.lonestarspeedway.com/downloads/1003/fi1003_2925.jpg

-Event purse breakdown for all race divisions: www.lonestarspeedway.com/downloads/1003/fi1003_2926.pdf

-Click www.LoneStarSpeedway.com for event flyer, class rules and complete event details.

Don’t miss the final LoneStar Speedway event of the season, when the topless SUPR Late Models headline the $33,000 LoneStar Turkey Nationals on Saturday November 30th!




Kilgore, TX (11/9/13) by DarinShort.com. The 800+ horsepower cars of the World of Outlaws Late Model Series (WoOLMS) will be racing for $10,000 to win at LoneStar Speedway on Friday, March 28, 2014.

This marks the first time the WoOLMS will compete in Texas since March 27, 2010, and then it was at LoneStar, when Steve Francis topped Clint Smith, Josh Richards, Tim McCreadie and Darrell Lanigan.

Additional Series drivers, such as Shane Clanton, Rick Eckert, Tim Fuller, Eric Wells, Chub Frank, Bub McCool and Morgan Bagley will be on hand, plus a strong contingent of the top Late Model touring drivers from across the country. 33 teams competed in the last WoOLMS event at LoneStar.

Advance tickets to the event will go on sale January 30, 2014. The three LoneStar points divisions (Modifieds, Factory Stocks and Limited Modifieds) will battle it out as well, making for a great night of racing for the entire family. The WoOLMS is currently scheduled to be the second feature out that night.

Complete details will be posted at www.LoneStarSpeedway.com after the 2013 season has concluded. Visit www.WoOLMS.com for more Series information.

Mark your calendar for the return of the World of Outlaws Late Model Series to Texas at LoneStar Speedway on March 28, 2014; and join us for the final event of 2013 with the running of the $33,000 Turkey Nationals on Saturday, November 30th. Complete details and event flyer are now posted at the track website.