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IT'S RACE DAY! $33,000 TURKEY NATIONALS 2pm, 11/30

IT'S RACE DAY! $33,000 TURKEY NATIONALS 2pm, 11/30


Kilgore TX by DarinShort.com. The final SUPR Late Model Series event of 2013 will be the biggest paying event of the season when the LoneStar Turkey Nationals hits the high banks of LoneStar Speedway Saturday, November 30th. The feature race is 40 laps in distance and pays $5,000 to win and $600 to start.

As in 2012, the SUPR Late Model Series cars will race topless. So race fans will get a clear view of the drivers as they wheel their cars around the wide, high-banked .33 mile oval.

The event is sponsored in part by P&W Sales located in Kilgore, Texas. P&W has been supplying drilling and oilfield products to the industry for over 49 years. P&W is also a proud sponsor of Late Model standout Morgan Bagley.

Fans can expect another large field of Late Model division drivers and several ‘invaders’ can be expected from throughout the region, including 2012 LoneStar SUPR Turkey Nationals winner Rob Litton; plus Kevin Sitton, Jim Bryant, Robbie Starnes, Shane Hebert, Robbie Stuart, Zach McMillan, Mikey Kyle, Brandon Hightower, Jeff Chandler, Tyler Erb – and many, many more. Other than the Late Model drivers required to being topless, all SUPR rules and formats will be in effect.

In addition to the SUPR Late Model Series, a complete program of Modified (paying $1,200 to win), Limited Modified ($750 to win) and Factory Stocks ($500 to win) will compete.

There is no entry fee in the Modified, Limited Modified and Factory Stock divisions. The starting field has been expanded to 24 cars in each of these divisions. Complete purse breakdown for all divisions and rules are located at the track website.

Special “Twilight” start times are in effect for this event, so fans and teams can have a great day of racing at the track, while leaving at an early time. With hot laps scheduled for 2pm and racing to follow, we expect the races to be finished around 8pm.

Here are some quick facts for the event:

-“Twilight Start Times” are in effect: Pits open at 11am, Grandstands open at 1pm, Hot Laps at 2pm, with Racing to follow immediately. The draw-in for race teams closes at 1:15pm

-General Admission $17 (ages 12-64; tickets available at the gate on race day only)

-Kids (ages 6-11) just $5

-Ages 5 and under admitted free with adult admission

-Active Military (with I.D.) or Senior’s (Ages 65+) General Admission $15

-Upgrade any ticket to the Reserved Section (bucket seats) for $5 per person

-If you purchase tickets with MasterCard or Visa, there is a $1/ticket processing fee

-All Pit Passes $35

-No outside food/drink coolers are allowed inside, a full selection of economically priced food concessions, including beer, are available.

-Event flyer link: www.lonestarspeedway.com/downloads/1003/fi1003_2925.jpg

-Event purse breakdown for all race divisions: www.lonestarspeedway.com/downloads/1003/fi1003_2926.pdf

-Click www.LoneStarSpeedway.com for event flyer, class rules and complete event details.

Don’t miss the final LoneStar Speedway event of the season, when the topless SUPR Late Models headline the $33,000 LoneStar Turkey Nationals on Saturday November 30th!




Kilgore, TX (11/9/13) by DarinShort.com. The 800+ horsepower cars of the World of Outlaws Late Model Series (WoOLMS) will be racing for $10,000 to win at LoneStar Speedway on Friday, March 28, 2014.

This marks the first time the WoOLMS will compete in Texas since March 27, 2010, and then it was at LoneStar, when Steve Francis topped Clint Smith, Josh Richards, Tim McCreadie and Darrell Lanigan.

Additional Series drivers, such as Shane Clanton, Rick Eckert, Tim Fuller, Eric Wells, Chub Frank, Bub McCool and Morgan Bagley will be on hand, plus a strong contingent of the top Late Model touring drivers from across the country. 33 teams competed in the last WoOLMS event at LoneStar.

Advance tickets to the event will go on sale January 30, 2014. The three LoneStar points divisions (Modifieds, Factory Stocks and Limited Modifieds) will battle it out as well, making for a great night of racing for the entire family. The WoOLMS is currently scheduled to be the second feature out that night.

Complete details will be posted at www.LoneStarSpeedway.com after the 2013 season has concluded. Visit www.WoOLMS.com for more Series information.

Mark your calendar for the return of the World of Outlaws Late Model Series to Texas at LoneStar Speedway on March 28, 2014; and join us for the final event of 2013 with the running of the $33,000 Turkey Nationals on Saturday, November 30th. Complete details and event flyer are now posted at the track website.




THANK YOU to the 169 race teams that supported the LoneStar Armadillo Nationals! Teams pulled to LoneStar from throughout the region, the Midwest and as far away as Arizona.

A great and supportive fall crowd was on hand to witness the racing action. And thank you to the racers and fans that donated bikes for the kids in the stands - a total of 13 bikes were given away!

And THANK YOU to those that took the time to support the holiday food drive. It will go along way to put a smile on the face of area residents that are less fortunate.

Full results will be posted on SpeedNet soon, but here are a few quick results (unofficial) and a link to the $10,000 to win Modified championship feature event posted from Ft. Worth Star-Telegram's Don Cook:


For more pictures and video clips from Don taken during this event, go to:


$10,000 winner Finish: Geiber, Whiteaker, Catman, Ingalls, Murphrey. Murphrey had a flat aroynd lap 15. Dunn broke running 3rd on lap 34, Brown broke running 3rd on lap 25 or so. Only 2 cars lapped in feature. 50 lap feature ran in 33 minutes.

Hebert won Ltds after breaking in his Modified during the B-feature. Interestingly, Modified feature winner Geiber broke his Limited Modified in that A-feature.

The Factory Stock feature had a big wreck a couple of laps into the race, and the results/recap of that race will be posted soon.

Again, THANK YOU to everyone that supported the event...more will be coming soon!

SEE YOU NOV. 30 at LoneStar for the $33,000 TURKEY NATIONALS! Event flyer posted under 'resources' on the right side of this page!




UPDATES for TONIGHT'S $62,000 LoneStar ARMADILLO NAT'LS FINALE (11/2, 7pm):

Tonight's exciting conclusion to the $10,000 to win LoneStar Armadillo Nationals is 100% on, as scheduled.

The NOAA forecast is clear and 70. Just bring some warm clothes to put on throughout the evening, as by the end of the event it shows temps in the 50's.

There are NO changes to the purse, structure, times, format; etc. from the original event, other than transponders will not be used.

And if you are watching the Nationwide race at TMS, that event starts at 2:30pm and usually takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete (last year was 2:06), which means it should be done around 4:45pm, giving you plenty of time to watch both events.

The 'race fan' event flyer is posted at: www.darinshort.com/armf.html (includes special fan attractions, such as 10 kids bike giveaways, 1/2 price burgers & beer promo & food drive/discount ticket offer.

The 'race team' event flyer is posted at: www.darinshort.com/arm.html (includes info regarding 'new drivers' that wish to enter the event for the first time this Saturday. New drivers must take the time to read the rules/format page on the event website to familiarize themselves.)


LoneStar HAPPY HOUR from 5:00-6:30 with 1/2 PRICE BURGERS & BEER!

HOLIDAY FOOD DRIVE! Drop off a canned food donation at the drop off station by the ticket office and receive $2 OFF YOUR ADULT TICKET to this race!

KIDS IN COSTUMES DEALS! Kids (ages 11 & under) in full Halloween costumes will receive a ticket for a BOYS and a GIRLS bike drawings! 11 kids bikes will be given away! PLUS, a coupon to purchase a KIDS MEAL at the concession stand for just $2! Includes chicken nuggets, fries and a canned drink. What a deal!

$AVE $10 on ALL REMAINING LoneStar Armadillo Nationals T-Shirts! They will be two for $30 while supplies last! These are GREAT looking t-shirts in really awesome colors - so get yours while you can!

FIREWORKS!!! We will have FIREWORKS throughout the racing program PLUS an EXCITING ADDED ATTRACTION prior to the championship feature events!

If you are a NEW DRIVER in ANY DIVISION, you must go to the event website www.darinshort.com/arm.html and familiarize yourself with the format and rules so you know what's going on. There is no entry fee due in the Factory Stocks but there is in the Mods ($105) & Ltd Mods ($80). There is no transponder fee due as we will not be running transponders. ALL DRIVERS must have working RaceCeivers.

Here are all the feature race line-ups for Saturday night - join us for the exciting conclusion to the LoneStar Armadillo Nationals!

speednetdirect.com/mobile/mobile ... pes=A-Main

Modifieds - A-Main (Laps - 50) NOV. 2
Row Inside Outside
1 15 - Gieber 89 - Whitaker Jr
2 21 - Brown 12 - Ingalls
3 83 - Martin 85 - Tillison Jr
4 25 - Murphrey 19 - Burford
5 5M - Mitchell 0 - O Neil
6 88XXX - Dunn Jr. 78 - Brutchin
7 95 - Lodge 88N - O Neil

Modifieds - B-Main 1 (Laps - 15) TOP 5 TO A
Row Inside Outside
1 43F - Mullins 8 - Ingalls
2 7P - Penny 18J - Johnson
3 15G - Lary L1 - Clevenger
4 16X - Harris 32 - Byrns
5 57 - Armstrong 16 - Henigan
6 F28 - Provence 12P - Parker
7 211 - Hatton 11M - McBride Jr
8 11 - Fears 51C - Dunn
9 15P - Parker

Modifieds - B-Main 2 (Laps - 15) TOP 5 TO A
Row Inside Outside
1 4M - Malchus 9 - Hebert
2 6 - Powers 18C - Hyde
3 409 - Babbitt 1* - Penn
4 14 - Lockey 5 - Armstrong
5 5X - Robertson 77 - Gregory
6 10 - Ishmael 0X - Pearson
7 222 - Neel 00D - Johns
8 39C - Cunningham 27 - Romine

Limited Modified - A-Main (Laps - 30) NOV. 2
Row Inside Outside
1 11 - Hebert 4S - Gieber
2 5S - Reed 0 - Martin
3 23M - Day B75 - Ball
4 84 - Lorenz 26 - Abbey
5 5 - Reed 21W - Burford
6 13 - Taylor 70M - Munson
7 9B - Moseley 8 - Murray

Limited Modified - B-Main 1 (Laps - 15) TOP 5 TO A
Row Inside Outside
1 13B - Bates 96 - Pilkington
2 30 - Brutchin C14 - Tutt
3 X - Tiner 87X - Melton
4 51 - Peters 67 - Lindow
5 18 - Henderson 70 - Chamberlain
6 00 - Coon 21X - Brittain
7 29 - Stewart 15R - Tucker

Limited Modified - B-Main 2 (Laps - 15) TOP 5 TO A
Row Inside Outside
1 54 - Autery 11K - Keel
2 23 - Nabors 7 - Gaines
3 88 - Williams 4 - Roach
4 14J - Jones B1 - Nichols
5 69J - Honea 14 - Hornbeck
6 74 - Nolen 65 - Foster
7 87 - Darland 69 - Grigsby

Factory Stocks - A-Main (Laps - 30) NOV. 2
Row Inside Outside
1 50 - Menzell 18M - McBride Jr
2 20 - Clark 18T - Chamberlain
3 77 - Furrh 50F - Fleming
4 00 - James 29 - Stewart
5 32 - Mosley 39T - Tennimon
6 SK1 - Gajewski 3B - Brantley
7 55M - Myers 3 - Reed

Factory Stocks - B-Main 1 (Laps - 15) TOP 5 TO A
Row Inside Outside
1 18 - McBride Sr H93 - Hail
2 67 - Phillips 15A - Caudle
3 34JR - Daughtry 7UP - Roy
4 136 - Lindow 15 - Fiedler
5 72 - Vines 73 - Byrd
6 63X - Pinnick 15X - Byrd
7 5H - Hanler 113 - McDade
8 68 - Smith 75E - Ellison
9 66 - Phillips 17 - Ford

Factory Stocks - B-Main 2 (Laps - 15) TOP 5 TO A
Row Inside Outside
1 72G - Green 2C - Smith
2 1UP - Roy 55 - Meazell
3 12 - Lovett 45 - Blanchard
4 63T - Kolojco 54 - Kemp Jr
5 44 - Langley 85X - Grantz
6 K5 - Clevenger 3S - Chambers
7 3X - Bonfanti K10 - Coon
8 134 - Brutchin 7 - Byles
9 13 - Jordan 8 - DeMoss

note: B-feature laps may be adjusted slightly due to final car counts.

DON'T MISS seeing who is going to earn the biggest modified payday in the state of Texas in 2013 THIS SATURDAY NIGHT at LONESTAR SPEEDWAY!





**10/11 update RACE FANS: Your new Armadillo Event Flyer Now Posted! Click link under 'resources' at the right side of this page**

**10/10 update DRIVERS: View your new event flyer at www.darinshort.com/arm.html **

LoneStar Armadillo Nationals Finale Pushed Back to Nov. 2

Kilgore, TX (9/28/13, 4:45pm) by DarinShort.com. A rapidly changing forecast coupled with the reality that it is now raining, and much more is on the way tonight and tomorrow, has left LoneStar Speedway officials no other choice than to postpone the finale of the Armadillo Nationals to Saturday, November 2nd.

Complete details and added attractions to the event will be posted in the days to come.

Note to LoneStar Campground campers: you are welcome to come back on the November 2nd event and camp in your spot free of charge.

It’s unfortunate that Mother Nature made an appearance – that wasn’t supposed to arrive until after the races tonight were over – but she did, and there’s nothing any of us can do about that.

But with two great nights of racing in the books at the Armadillo Nationals, we can all look forward to a fantastic finale on Saturday, November 2nd.

Event details will be posted at the event website: www.darinshort.com/arm.html and at the track website: www.LoneStarSpeedway.com in the days to come.

Also be watching for an exciting announcement regarding the November 30th LoneStar Turkey Nationals – our racing ‘plate’ is going to be full for that season finale!